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Yoni Love

I am being drawn deeper into my own body. A sense of letting go. Surrendering to it. Breathing deep into my yoni & allowing my whole body to melt, to relax, to be, instead of being. I am being reminded of the entirety of my body – not simply that which is reflected back to me as I brush my teeth in the morning, but as I relax & breathe into it, it is though my yoni is whispering to me. She has secrets to tell, ancient feminine wisdom to share, emotions to release.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. It literally means "Divine Passage" or "Sacred Temple", a beautiful description of love and honour for the vagina. The seed of a woman’s sexuality is in her heart. By following the guidance Tantra offers, women learn to connect their heart to their yoni’s pleasure. This leads to a place where the goddess can experience her yoni as fully as she does her heart.

Women in Ireland are slowly releasing the catholic guilt yoke and surveys show they are having a lot of sex. How much of it has awareness or any depth? Not much it seems. There has been a marked increase in the use of the morning after pill, a reflection of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and a spur of the moment decision and although Irish women are having the most sex in Europe, they are the least satisfied. A step forward in embracing their desires but a step back in an intimate, deep connection with themselves.

With so many women I meet, both one to one & in workshops, there is a disconnect, a cutting off of the lower half of their bodies. Years of feeling shame, guilt, and confusion over their sexuality and their bodies are all stored in the yoni. To open and release that negative energy, clears the way for a whole new level of sexual experience. This process of healing the yoni, of releasing fears and trauma, is like pulling the weeds from a garden to allow space for beautiful flowers to grow. Sacred Tantric Yoni Healing Massage allows women to plant these flowers within their bodies — flowers of love, joy and ecstasy.

Pleasure and healing come hand in hand, as our bodies relax and release buried trauma and tension. The deeper we breathe, the more we relax and the more we relax, the deeper we breathe. And in the depth of breath, we surrender, we release, we feel more. With deep relaxation we achieve a heart filled with more love, and a greater sense of well-being, peace.

A woman who knows her yoni, knows her desires and is able to express them. When we are fully connected to our breasts and our yoni, to our full body, recognizing the totality of our being, there is a feeling of expansion; mind, soul and body being in unity, bringing sweet self awareness and confidence which filters through every aspect of our lives.

A healing Tantric Yoni Massage leads us to a place of bliss, where the mind is disengaged, allowing our body to heal. When the body is nurtured and cherished, our souls gather strength & begin to sing their own song. With breathing techniques and honouring touch, we create the space to let our bodies, our hearts, our minds, to drop drop into relaxation and to rest in stillness, breathing new awareness and life into our lives and in our hearts & love. This relaxing, orgasmic journey activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which reawakens the healing capabilities of our bodies.

I know for myself, when I bring full awareness to my body, when I allow myself to fully drop into it, the generation of this beautiful, loving energy that flows, is the key to my connection with Mark, and to my own spiritual & physical health.

Meditating on the Breasts – A Tantric Meditation by Diana Richardson

Breast meditation can be done daily and will greatly support your breasts in coming to life and encourage the opening of your positive pole. (our hearts being our positive pole & our yoni, the negative). If you have a lover, you can also use it as part of foreplay or preparation for love, either on your own or with your partner laying in bed beside you.

Lie down alone in a relaxing position - spine straight - for about twenty minutes. If you wish, place a slightly cupped hand on each breast. Touching will enhance the feeling within the breasts, making it easier to bring awareness to them. If your elbows become uncomfortable at any time, support them with pillows or change the position of your hands, placing them on the groin or laying with your arms straight at your sides.

Close your eyes and take your awareness into your body, sensing your breasts and in particular your nipples. Move into your breasts; let your breasts become your whole being. Melt into them, merge into them. The whole body can become secondary to the breasts; the body can fade into the background as you bring your breasts into the foreground. Your inner emphasis is on the breasts, totally relaxing them, moving in them.

At the end of twenty minutes, rest for a few moments.

Karen O'Moore June 2013

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