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What is Tantra?

Just what is Tantra? Is it the bible of 101 sex positions and the Kama sutra? Is it Sting and his 8 hours of sex? Is it multiple orgasms till the stars explode? Is it an ancient cult with rituals performed on cremation grounds? Or is something deeper, something simple and within each of us?

What is Tantra?

Tantra originates from Hindu and Buddhists texts dating as far back as the 7th century involving rituals, meditations and mantras. It is a complete and comprehensive system of spiritual development. It denies nothing, accepting everything as coming from a Divine Cause. Tantras history is deep and rich but what does it mean? For me, the richness of this beautiful journey of Tantra, is in the word itself.

The word tantra has a richness and vibration to it. Tantra refers to scriptures and its usage here, ‘’teaching’’. It originates from the Sanskrit word ‘’tantram’’, meaning “loom’’ or ‘’to weave’’ and in that we can feel that each one if us is a thread, connected to the other, forming a beautiful tapestry with colours of love and knowledge. The Indo-European root of the tan in tantram is ten, to stretch.

Tantra comes from the same root that gives us “attention,” “tender,” “intend,” “entertain,” “intensity,” and “tendon.” Each of these words, a vital part of the journey of Tantra. To practice tantra is to stretch ourselves, to extend our capacity for attention to the utmost. Tantra is also the pattern of interconnectedness that we discover when we do so.

The tra of tantra means “technique.” Each verse of a tantra, a scripture, is called a sutra, which means “thread.’’ So we are presented with images of skilfully weaving together, joining us all together, all the elements of life — mind, body, emotions, breath, soul, individuality, and infinity – into one exquisite tapestry.

In this rich tapestry of life, life renews itself through a symphony of ongoing rhythms. Tantra is immersing into & totally feeling these rhythms. Breath is a rhythm, and we breathe in and out thousands of times a day. Breathing with conscious awareness is part of an intimate relationship with our body and with the beautiful air which we lust after. A dozen senses inform us of the rhythm, texture, and qualities in each breath. Each moment is always inviting us into a deeper relationship with breath, with the pulsing of our hearts and emotions. Meditation is about taking one thing and going deeper and deeper into It Allowing your body to teach you and to lead you into the realm of these experiences. The path of Tantra is to live without assumption, judgment or preconceived ideas. If you ask, life will lead you. Surrender and life will flow.

Tantra teaches us to be more aware of the life force that is always flowing through us, and how to guide that flow consciously. Our life force is our sexual energy, our creative energy, who we are, and is the most powerful energy we have within our body – and its healing potential is amazing. The more you flow with it, the more it flows to you and through you to energize your life. The high energy flowing through our body is very nourishing, balancing and rejuvenating.

Requiring only keenness of intent, self honesty and willingness, Tantra does not require us to believe in anything, accept any dogma or repress anything. It is perfectly aligned with the modern way of thinking and living. The journey is the yoga of experience, and encourages us to learn from our experiences good or bad, to play the hero and to divinise the mundane. Tantra encourages us to see God in each other and understand the divine impulse of charm, beauty, affection and love. It challenges us to look deeply into the confines of our own ego, its fears and anxieties and how it steals away our god like nature on earth. Tantra encourages us to work with our sexual polarities, with our instincts to discover their underlying nature and how to work with them.

Tantra is about experiencing pleasure in life and in all its aspects: By using sex to connect the body, the spirit and soul, love is fully experienced through acceptance and embracing passion. It can be a way to rekindle love and passion in a long-term relationship, develop a more fulfilling sex life or a means of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Sex and Lovemaking are cornerstones of human existence, and sexual energy is a potent and irresistible force in the universe. The unfortunate fact is however, that many of us have issues around our sexuality and the subject of sex. Social and sexual conditioning, high stress, busy lives, goal orientation, poor communication and a focus on "doing" rather than "being", all combine to throw us out of balance with our natural sexual selves and that of our partner. Tantra is the union of sex and meditation. It is about being in the present moment, accepting sex in its totality, relaxing into lovemaking and expanding the capacity for pleasure. It is about fully engaging with yourself and your partner on the most intimate levels and fully accepting.

Tantra is a journey of love, awareness and acceptance. It is a journey that draws you into it, that becomes deeper, more beautiful, more intoxicating with each breath. Come join us..

Karen O'Moore February 2014


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