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Meditation: Ecstatic Dance

Many Cultures use ecstatic dance as a means to access states of higher consciousness. In Dublin, there are nights and groups for ecstatic dancing: Body Song Ecstatic Dance Night would be an example of one we attend. But why do we do these?

From a Tantric Perspective ecstatic and sensual dancing awakens our “kundalini” energy at the base of our spines, firing us up and stimulating our senses. Our bodies are also designed to be sexy and dancing can awaken this in us and dancing also allows us to free up our hips and pelvis allowing energy to flow. But not everyone can attend specific Dance nights, or wish too. Dancing alone though can be done when you desire: dancing for the lover in you and awakening and exploring the ecstasy it creates in a deeper and more intimate fashion.

For this meditation find a space where you will not be disturbed, wear loose but sensual clothing and put on music you find sexy or sensual, begin to breathe into the heart space, close your eyes and visualise your lover real or imagined.

If it feels comfortable for you, begin to slowly and sensually remove your clothing for your lover, imagine them drinking you in, every curve, becoming more and more enthralled as you slowly reveal yourself. (if you do not wish to remove clothes, as an alternative allow your hands to travel, revealing and exposing through your clothes).

When you are naked, dance fully, allowing every part of your body to move, free the hips and allow the energy at the base to begin to move. Imagine it as fire moving upwards as your body curls and your spine undulates, don’t put thought into it, let it happen. Allow the energy to rise up the central channel in your body, through each chakra. Simply allow the dancing to run its course and trust your body.

Lie down and imagine your lover blowing warm breath all over your body, begin to caress your body as if it was your lover touching you with desire. Give yourself permission to touch and lovingly caress every part of yourself: head, hair, your genitals, anywhere you desire: simply surrendering to the caress of your imaginary lover. Allow yourself the space and acceptance to go where you wish to, to the heights of bliss and ecstacy, to gentler places, simply fully experiencing the sensations in your body and the energy created.

When your body comes to stillness after riding the waves of bliss, simply lie quietly and peacefully.

Mark Sutton June 2014


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