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Naked Awareness: How deep can you go?

“Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.” Rainer Maria Rilke

In the last few months, I have found a depth, an opening in my meditation, that I have never experienced before. Never even knew it was possible - it simply happened. I came to a point of rest in my being, and it was as if my whole body opened to every beautiful sense of the cosmos. And in that space, the whole world is at rest and everything slows and the silence permeates. There is a rawness to its quality, as if every layer of me has been stripped away, allowing me to experience and feel everything. No separation from 'good' or 'bad', but being fully open to receive the sensations of the whole spectrum. No longer wanting to cover anything unpleasant with a plaster, but rather experiencing everything with naked awareness. If we allow ourselves the stillness. If we allow ourselves to let go, we have the opportunity to go to such depths inside ourselves into that sweet spot, that place of essence that connects us to each and every being on this planet. Nothing to do, nothing to force, nothing to want. It all happens by itself. This is a place where we no longer worry what anyone thinks of us. It is a place where we can just be. ''What may seem at first to be an emptiness of no consolations, no desire, a grand aloneness, becomes garden-like. You walk the open roofed sanctuary, between the lines of trees, rabbits in the aisles'' Poet Coleman Barks paraphrasing Rumi This place of essence can be elusive. Too often our minds interject and try hold onto something, make sense of it. And in that moment when we try restrain it, it disappears. We cannot box it in, give a name to it or project it onto others. And I think that is where its elusiveness lays. The endless battle of wanting to hold on, to have everything as black or white and not wanting to open to any possible truths or pain. But this is not a place of denial. It is a place of rejoicing in the body's ability to contain and express the essence that is together, our unique being and our connection to the universe. When we drop into the deepest depth of ourselves, clarity replaces fear and in those moments, pure bliss flows. When the mind settles in the stillness in this way, we are able to see and reflect reality as it is and not as we want it to be. The constant mind chatter of wanting outcomes to be in a certain way, tires us, moves us further away from peace. A peaceful mind can grasp everything, in that moment, accepting all. There is no need to quietly store 'reality's' under the rug to deal with later, or even in the hope they will go away. A mind and body that immerses in its stillness, sees everything directly, without projection or judgment. As they are, in their naked reality. Our desires, our passions, and our senses then cease to be a problem for us. All that they reap in the dailiness of our lives bring us bliss, and we finally perceive that life can be fully lived. I am offering Sacred Tantra Healing Massage sessions that are in total silence. If you would like to experience one of these sessions, please let me know.

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