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Awakened touch

Yes, there many misconceptions around Tantra and even more so, Tantra massage. The 101 sex positions, the Kama sutra, the multiple orgasms till stars explore or an ancient cult with rituals performed on cremation grounds? Or is it something deeper, something simple and within each of us.

Because even though we are all connected in this beautiful tapestry of life, Tantra is about connection to ourselves. And in that connection to ourselves, our connection to others deepens.

Tantra is connecting to that part of us, our essence, our soul, that is unchanging. That part of us that has been there in every past lifetime and will be there in every future one. It cannot be damaged. Cannot be hurt and is unchanging. It is pure and it is love. And this journey is about finding our way back into the depths of ourselves, feeling and living from that pure essence space. When we live from there, centred in who we are, it takes a lot to trigger reactions. We live more in harmony and life and energy flows smoothly through us. The Universe experiences herself through us. And when we have that flow in our bodies, it begins to flow in our relationships, our family, our work, in everything. Life becomes so much sweeter.

Sacred Tantra Healing Massage gives us just the space to go into that flow, moving out of the mind and all its goals, expectations, pressures to be this or that, and simply let go. Surrender and open up to the flow of our own fierce energy, experiencing deep intimacy with ourselves. And when that raw energy begins to clear energy blocks, old stories, stale emotions that we carry within us, we move into a highly conscious and 'awakened; level, dropping into a type of meditative state that allows the us to be fully present, one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and each other. Our bodies open, our senses expand and sometimes emotions might arise. Feeling deeply.

And it's not rocket science!

The greatest secret to Tantra massage? Relax.. That is where the sweet spot is.

When we slow down and relax. moving out of the head and more into our bodies, we begin to allow ourselves to open up, like a beautiful lotus flower, its petals reaching for the sun. Yes, we may bring vulnerability to ourselves and Tantra has a habit of bringing up things that we have happily swept under the rug, but life is never the same again. Flowers are so much brighter, we become aware of people & connections with strangers that are simply there for a second or two. We are more alive.

Tantra massage is a journey of love, awareness and acceptance. It is a journey that draws us into it, that becomes deeper, more beautiful, more intoxicating with each breath. A beautiful healing experience that is felt in deep & intense waves of energy that circulates the whole mind, body and soul.

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