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Belief [noun]: an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

Don't believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that - thoughts. And beliefs? What happens when those are challenged? Belief is not reality, no matter how much we want it be. If one man believes in God and another doesn't, the formers belief is no more true or factual than the non-believers. Just thoughts that have been influenced by their background, their families, their desires and fears.

This has come up for me a lot over the last year; not the first time though. I have always felt I have a strong intuition and had held onto certain beliefs for as long as I could remember. When these were shaken about 9 years ago, it made me question so many other things in my life that I felt certain about. It was quite scary to have these beliefs which are almost like a solid foundation of who you are, or maybe of how you live your life rather, crushed like a delicate flower underfoot. To have these taken away, makes you second guess everything. Stripped bare in that way, can be a pretty scary place to be. But alas, more beliefs are always waiting in the shadows waiting for us to cling on to them.

It seems even in wanting to break free of the shackles of belief, many times we are just changing them; moving from one single vision box to another, one field of sheep to another, thinking we are free. In reality, nothing much has changed, other than perhaps the words we speak, the clothes we wear. Again, our beliefs/thoughts that we feel make us freer or better than others are no more truer than those we ran from. I have spoken about this in a different aspect before. We have the spiritual/conscious/enlightened vs religious camps, the monogamous vs polyamorous camps etc. Even the 'my Tantra is the right Tantra' camps. This is what I have been grappling with over the last 18 months or so. I began to feel not so comfortable in my beliefs, questioning myself and the reasons why I did things in a certain way and any black and white thinking (has to be this way or that). Especially my 'spirituality' and with Tantra. In spirituality, in how I perceive it to 'look' (absolute bullshit, but then I suppose that's a belief) and with Tantra, how it has shifted for me over the years and my yearn to go back to my first love of it in meditation. Almost as if it has all come a full circle and come to a natural close. I don't do things in small doses & I always step fully into something making this an easy yet difficult choice. Easy because it felt so right to me and difficult because it meant me walking away from my business of 9 years into the unknown. I am still there, in the unknown, by the way but happy with my choice.

The reason for this blog? Pretty much to ask you not to be limited by your beliefs and especially not by someone else's. We can only live life when we let go of beliefs; these beliefs that restrict us in so many ways in things we say or do. What beliefs and thoughts have you been unknowingly giving free rent to that have stopped you from living a much deeper and richer life? Look at them? I am not saying, chuck them all out with the bathwater, but certainly let go of those that are serving you no good. It may feel uncomfortable, because there is nothing to stop you from seeing yourself, but the rewards of life will blossom at your feet. Plunge into the unknown. You will begin to allow life to unfold before you.

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