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Tantra, Neo Tantra, Relationship Coaching
Relationship, Tantra*, Neo Tantra & Meditation Coach

''I want to change my life but.... ''

Are you searching for a deeper connection with yourself, your partner, your friends and the people you meet?  Would you like to feel more love, acceptance, passion and fun in your life?

We are all worthy of love, without exception. These sessions offers you the opportunity to explore the possibilities of a life of your choosing; living a life enriched with self acceptance and revitalised energy, and taking your relationships into a deeper level of intimacy.

What if you decided to do something different today?

For the past decade I have been guiding and supporting women and couples in the UK, Ireland and South Africa in bringing more love and passion into their lives. I am a certified Tantra Teacher and combine both Tantrik & Neo Tantric meditation, bio-energetics and coaching in my unique essence of facilitation. 

* Tantra is a set of meditative awareness practices that allows the mental-emotional churning to subside into perfect stillness. Neo-Tantra is the weave of your breath and your energy (life, creative & sexual) connecting to others, forming a beautiful tapestry with colours of love, empathy and fun. 

Areas of Expertise

Sessions are experiential and practices include bio-energetics, movement, breathing exercises, sound, meditation and touch. Experience new levels of expansion with your partner.

I help you feel safer and more comfortable being close to your partner. Comfort with intimacy needs to be built from the ground up. By exploring exercises that deepen embodiment, increase presence, and enhancing emotional awareness, I will help you both to get your bearings and begin to relax into a deeper intimate connection.

Sessions may be booked for 1 to 3 hours in length (unless otherwise stated)​​

Private sessions can be used for an expansion of intimacy knowledge (issues of connection, expression, communication, and passion in marriage), or can be healing sessions where I focus on  a particular issue such as lack of confidence, recovery from trauma, or struggling with feelings of shame for the body or sexuality.

We explore techniques that will integrate you with your whole being, your fascinating mind, your exquisite body, your loving heart and sacred spirituality. The result? Living a life of healthy choices and relationships which support you in an empowered, ecstatic way.

I do not focus on gender and approach every individual as a unique being rather than projecting stereotypes as to what masculine and feminine is. All sessions and workshops are open to everyone, regardless of experience, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or social status 


One to one coaching for women - In Neo-Tantra we surrender to being alive and at one with everything. There is no big mystery. In the surrender to our breath, relaxing into our body, we open our hearts and the door to sacred intent, to joy, to love.  Give yourself the gift of presence, of awareness of your breath & body. Allow yourself to surrender


In a safe, respectful space (there is no nudity involved), I share and guide you through Neo Tantra techniques, rediscovering presence and awareness, deepening your sexual and emotional connection and taking your relationship to a new level. The sessions are warm, fun & inspiring.


Imagine the next generation knowing so much more than ours, about what is possible in love, intimacy, boundaries, consent and sexuality!

Inclusive, comprehensive  & supportive sexuality & relationship guidance for teenagers & young adults


Workshops are open to all genders, single or in a relationship and are held in venues in Shropshire and Staffordshire. Through allowing yourself to open to knowing and loving yourself and being true to yourself, you will learn the tools to create the life and relationship you want. 

What people say

Mark & Sarah

After our work together, we are feeling stronger, more connected and we are communicating so much easier - less affected by emotions and being aware of going into old relationship patterns.

Your writing is enlightening and a reminder of the things you are teaching me in our sessions and helps with perspective. I am so pleased to have connected with you - I feel on the start of a journey that will open my mind and heart.

I found the sessions, deeply personal and powerful and am looking forward to returning to work with Karen again. You will know when you are ready to try this work but I would recommend you consider Karen if you are.



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