Relationship Coaching

Your relationship. Your happiness. 

Are you creating a deep connection in your relationship? Love can bring us into vulnerability and discomfort, but it is when we love so fiercely, with an open heart, trusting, yet knowing that it comes with no guarantees, that we love and live in fullness, joy and gratitude. 

Love is not something we trade with, giving as we want, taking it as we need; it is something that we nurture and grow. Relationship coaching helps in cultivating this connection to love in yourselves and each other. We can only love our partner as much as we love ourselves. Through discussions and experiential exercises, we look at the connection and energy that exists between you and explore ways for both partners to feel seen, heard & valued; to be able to communicate with no expectation or judgement, and in this, feel supported as you begin to strengthen the foundations of the relationship. We look forward rather than over our shoulders.

Relationship coaching is all about you and what both your needs are in taking your relationship to a deeper level. The sessions are warm, fun, inspiring, compassionate, non judgemental and solution focused, so that you both leave knowing you have achieved something and with a smile on your face​

Receive the support you need and learn the tools that help you get your relationship back on track.

£80 per hour

£60 per hour via Skype

Awakening into Intimacy; a one day personal programme - rediscovering presence and awareness, deepening your sexual and emotional connection and taking your relationship to a new level.


In a safe, respectful space (there is no nudity involved), I share and guide you through Tantra techniques that are specifically designed to synchronise and energise your sexual, heart and spiritual centres. Simple, practical exercises to explore and to begin to deepen and enjoy each other's presence. Exploring communication techniques in understanding what your partner desires, expressing what you desire and also what fears may or may not arise; guiding to harmonising needs and desires at the moment and articulating them.


Each session is personalised to help move you from your everyday world back into a journey of discovery and shared sacred awareness. Together we discuss and explore what intimacy actually is for you both, at the moment and where you would like to be, re-framing and re-evaluating sex. In setting the groundwork for the deepening of your relationship, we look at breath and connecting to your bodies via breath and awareness, how to set aside time and create the space simply for you two to connect and connection techniques.


By learning to be more present with each other, you become aware and conscious of your own energy and how to direct its flow.


And together, when you experience deep intimacy, your face glows and you remember the song of your soul.



Rate : UK £ 440   (6 hours)


Creating the perfect evening of intimate connection  UK £ 120   (2 hours)

Dear Karen. After our work together, we are feeling stronger, more connected and we are communicating so much easier - less affected by emotions and being aware of going into old relationship patterns. We are  practising the exercises daily since we met and finding a difference each time; amazed at how simple it can be to deepen our relationship. Not only are we finding more time to make love, the quality of it is through the roof. We feel as if we are in our 20's again. Thank you for the sessions.

Much gratitude, Mark and Sarah​

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