About Karen


I have been a practising Relationship & Neo Tantra Coach for over 10 years. There is something so magical in this work. I have been privileged and blessed to work with so many amazing people (individuals and couples), who have trusted me to walk beside them. My first passion has always been Classical Tantra, a beautiful, deep meditation, and this led me to Neo Tantra which is a different way of bringing ourselves back to our body and connecting fully with life.

My previous career was in media, and after 22 years I left, having reached my goal as Publisher/Managing Director of multiple award winning magazines and sitting on the Board of the Magazine Publishers of South Africa. I asked an old friend many years ago, if they would have thought back in those days, they would see me in this 'new' role. Their response? ''This has always been you. Your success there was due to you helping others, be it a business or an employee''. My life has always been about empowering others live a better life.


Intimate relationships, both with ourselves and others, can be amazing, passionate, and expansive experiences. They can also be quite difficult. To have profound, fun and fulfilling lives and relationships, a diverse quiver of skills is necessary. I am here to provide you with the prowess and tools to navigate and thrive in life and your relationships. We work together, a beautiful blend of experiential exercises & communication.

What if you decided to do something different today?

What if  I can help you change your life and relationships for the best?




Sexual Awakening for Women - 12 month Facilitators Training with Dr Shakti Malan

Urban Tantra Professional Training Programme (Certificate of Mastery) with Barbara Carrellas 

On going weekly mentoring with Dawn Cartwright

Soul  Immersion (A study in Classical Tantra) with Christopher Hareesh Wallis 

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release with Giten Tonkov and Shantam Nisarga (Ongoing)

Certified Osho Meditation Facilitator




The Yoga Sutras with Christopher Hareesh Wallis (Ongoing)

Shiva Sutras with Christopher Thompkins

The Womb Pot Sadhana with Aditi Devi Ma

She is called Yogini Sadhana with Aditi Devi Ma

Sacred Sexuality: How we Love with Dawn Cartwright

Tantric Bliss with Dawn Cartwright

Endless Love with Dawn Cartwright

Suddhananda Foundation for Self Knowledge with Swami Suddhananda

Durga School of Tantra with Ma Anand Leandra

Sahaja Tantra with Nils Kriedner

Healing Hands, South Africa - Holistic Massage 

Certification : Working with Sexual Trauma 

Certification : Working creatively with Sexual Trauma (art)

Certification : Working with Attachment Issues in Adults

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