Shakti Awakening

A 12 month journey to Awaken Female Sexual Energy

Throughout history, women have been assigned various roles – sometimes as initiators or as goddesses of love, at other times as tools of the devil or as playthings of man. Somehow we have been consigned to extremes of either beauty and purity or sin and shame. In almost all cultures with a strong spiritual foundation, we find traditions that honour women, yet if look at those same cultures today that has vanished. We are confronted with these contradictory extremes – from praise to condemnation - as soon as we begin to deal with female sexuality.


In the tantric traditions, women are admired for their power to teach and open others, while her yoni is honoured as a healing place and residence of the goddess. In Tantra, women are revered.


A woman who has connected to her sexuality and draws strength from it is radiant, creative, and filled with vitality. She embodies the beauty of life and in turn attracts this beauty like a magnet.


The energy inside us affects our whole being. Our body, our thoughts, and our consciousness are made up of energy. Body, soul and feelings form an indivisible whole. They are closely linked to each other through the endocrine system, the central nervous system and the immune system. We recognise a lack of energy as pain, lifelessness or dullness.


When we become practiced at simply connecting with our sexual energy, feeling it move within us, we find we have more vitality, peace and calm in our lives - we are less depleted, we have more energy for the people and activities we value most.


What we can discover on this journey is the flower of our femininity and the power of independence. A woman, who is connected to her body and her energy, knows her desires and is able to communicate them clearly. This self awareness and confidence find expression in all other parts of her life and transferred to her entire being.


This programme is intended to support women* in adding more vitality, healing and desire into their lives, and in opening the way to a new understanding of their femininity. 

(* Trans & cis women welcome)


During the 12 month programme, you will be working with me in a one to one session for an hour each month – each session will build upon the last. Between sessions, there will be home play/practice exercises.


- Feel more confident, sexy and comfortable in your own body

- Remember who you are – a truly divine, perfect woman

- When you feel empowered in an open, relaxed, sensual way, your life begins to flow effortlessly and you attract loving relationships and vibrant health.

- Powerful practices to a beautiful way of being

- Deepening the connection between spirituality and your body

- Powerful techniques to empower you and to recognise your feminine energy within; tapping into your inner beauty, strength and vitality.



Rate :      £  80  per hour


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