A Woman's Heart

         - Neo Tantra Breath, Energy & Conscious Sexuality

'I am here to seduce you into a love of life; to help you to become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and to the ordinary so that the extraordinary explodes in your life.' 


Are you searching to discover deeper states of love and ecstasy within yourself?  A desire to deepen your intimate relationships?

Throughout history, women have been assigned various roles – sometimes as initiators or as goddesses of love, at other times as tools of the devil or as playthings of man. Somehow we have been consigned to extremes of either beauty and purity or sin and shame. In almost all cultures with a strong spiritual foundation, we find traditions that honour women, yet if look at those same cultures today that has vanished. We are confronted with these contradictory extremes – from praise to condemnation - as soon as we begin to deal with female sexuality.

In this rich tapestry of life, life renews itself through a symphony of ongoing rhythms. Neo Tantra helps us immerse into & totally feel these rhythms. Breath is a rhythm, and we breathe in and out thousands of times a day. Breathing with conscious awareness is part of an intimate relationship with our body and with the beautiful air which we lust after. A dozen senses inform us of the rhythm, texture, and qualities in each breath. Each moment is always inviting us into a deeper relationship with breath, with touch, with the pulsing of our hearts and emotions.

As we begin to immerse into this delightful journey, deeper levels of energy are experienced. We encounter and move through old thought patterns and in that surrender, become more acutely aware of our sexual energy. In this sweet spot, the body ripens and becomes more receptive and alive. 

In Neo Tantra, each exhale is a death, a releasing of old thoughts, negative emotions and each inhale brings us life. Breathing deeply in is rebirth; breathing out fully is death. Tantric breathwork helps us become aware of our senses, what we are feeling, and the movement of our body and breath. Our bodies are a channel for the flow of life energy within us. Becoming sensitive to that flow inside ourselves and in others is the beginning of this beautiful Journey


Through guided breathwork techniques you can open up your chakras, which can unblock years of stale emotional energy that may have caused you to keep repeating damaging patterns.. Once you are able to move this energy out, to free this energy up, you can then begin to experience more of the ecstasy that is your natural state. Ecstatic breathing and the energy of bliss is truly our natural way of being.


Cultural conditioning around sex has meant that the pressure to perform, to be the perfect lover and to have the big 'O',  has resulted in sex being a source of worry and distress. We can get so wrapped up in performance pressure, that the essence of sex is forgotten: The joyfulness, playfulness and the ability to explore our own sexual energy, leading to a loss of confidence and self-belief. Heart Rhythms reverses this, it moves us into a different state during sex, from doing to being. Where performance and end goals are not important, leading to a greater awareness, confidence and feelings of empowerment and self-worth.


In addition, conditioning has reduced the ability to fully express sexuality, to be true to our natural state of being. The expectations around sex, have lead to disappointment and disillusionment when it comes to lovemaking. Media imagery has bombarded us with a view of an ideal that is neither realistic or authentic. In these sessions, we begin to accept ourselves as the individuals we are; it teaches self-love. It teaches everyone how to be empowered in our own sexuality & to experience pleasure. To move into sex in an authentic, open manner with all societal pretence stripped away.


Movement and Awareness techniques are used to allow you to experience what it is like to connect fully to your physical body and its energy. 

~ Learn the principles and practices of Sacred Sexuality

~ Experience deep connection, expanded orgasm and being in a conscious relationship

~ Sexual empowerment

~ Practices that will deepen your intimacy with another

~ Releasing shame and guilt around body image, sexuality, sexual choices

~ Releasing pain from sexual trauma

~ Connecting deeper to the body (this also helps those that have Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, Asperger's & Depression).


Rate :  £ 80 per hour

         £60 per hour via Skype

''You have helped me connect to my sexuality, to every part of myself, and I feel on top of the world. The work we have done has allowed me to harness my sexual energy, leaving me feeling more confident & motivated, more secure in asking for what I want, and more capable of achieving what I set out to do. Everything is flowing! Thank you! My energy is great, my health has improved, quality of life, relationships & overall enjoyment of living is awesome. These sessions have  lead me to a deeper intimate & sexual connection with my husband, and oh so much more than that. Life is fun again! Thank you so much Karen. See you soon.'' Emily  

''I first met Karen about two years ago. I was going through a difficult period in both my emotional and physical relationship and I just did not know where to turn. After searching the Web, I came across Karen’s website which outlined some similar difficulties that I was having. From the moment that I got in touch with Karen, she put me completely at ease and after a phone call with her she recommended that I make an appointment for a private session. 


During the first session, feelings came up that I had kept buried for years, which was the only way that I could deal with them. I became too upset and emotional when I had to talk about my feelings. This initial session was so powerful and it had such a positive effect on me.  It was so comforting to have Karen there to help and guide me with her gentleness, kindness and understanding. Afterwards I felt as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.


I have been very fortunate to meet someone that I can talk to about my most intimate thoughts and feelings without been judged. Karen provided me with that vast experience, skill and training, to guide me through the complex sea of emotions. The Tantra techniques that I have learned from Karen have enhanced my relationship so much. The importance of a simple touch, the different types of touch coupled together with all the other beautiful practices associated with Tantra.  One very special thing I learned was to be present in the now. Just to be there with your partner, sharing your love and respect for each other in that moment.


The kindness, caring and professional help that I received has had an amazing effect on my life, not just on the physical relationship but on my whole life in general. I am a much more grounded person, more in tune with what is going on around me in this wonderful planet. What a pleasure it is to wake up in the morning once again and look forward to what this wonderful life has to offer.


I know some people say that Tantra is all about sex, but it is so much more and for me after the last two years of receiving instruction from Karen, It has permeated through every part of my life creating a way of living that has so many wonderful benefits they are too numerous to mention here


 Karen, I thank you from the bottom of my hearth for the wonderful help that you have given to me with my Tantra journey.''  PK

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