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Private Sessions 


~ Dear Karen. After our work together, I am feeling stronger, more grounded and contained - less overwhelmed by emotions, despair of the old reltionships situ, and a deeper sense of connection to myself. I am practising the exercises daily since we met and being aware of breath./energy/flow even while working with clients and with others. Thank you. Love, Jude


~ Dear Karen. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our session Saturday. It was a truly beautiful experience. I am so grateful to you for your love and acceptance and for the sense of safety you create. I love how I step inside the room and feel at peace like it's radiated out from the walls themselves! I felt good, at peace and grateful to you for teaching me to trust and giving me the space to be physically and emotionally vulnerable... It's not scary it's freeing -Thank you! I want to go deeper, to be able to open up on more levels. I cut off from so many possibilities now I want to explore them.  It's great that you have personal experience of areas that I am drawn to. Inspires me to learn! Knowledge excites me. Love, Bella 

~ Aedh Wishes for the Clothes of Heaven 
by William Butler Yeats 

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, 
Enwrought with golden and silver light, 
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths 
Of night and light and the half light, 
I would spread the cloths under your feet: 
But I, being poor, have only my dreams; 
I have spread my dreams under your feet; 
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Richard

~ Dear Karen. Thank you for all the work you have done with me. You have helped me more than you know and I really appreciate you and think you are amazing at what you do. I have learnt so much and feel better about myself. Thank you for your love, support and encouragement. I am grateful for all you have done for me and I look forward to continue working with you. With love and blessings to you, Sienna

~ Dear Karen. Another magical session last Friday. I felt so loved and connected to my body. You have helped me become aware of aspects of my myself that have alluded me up to now. Thank you once again for your insightful and loving guidance.  It means so much to me. Love, Norman


~ I found Karens site almost a year ago and over the following months I found myself continually drawn to the site. In April of this year I finally felt ready and I can honestly say reaching out to Karen has been an incredible experience.


Life is a journey that we walk alone but that doesn't mean we are isolated. I believe that opportunities for learning and transformation line our path if we see and accept the gift before us. Tantra is one such gift. When I reached out to Karen I was at a low point and my energy levels needed replenishing. Having spent years trying to please others I had lost my sense of self. I was healing slowly but needed a way to reconnect with myself.


When I first met Karen I was greeted with a warm smile and a warm comforting embrace. We sat and talked about what I wanted to achieve from our session and she explained Tantra to me. I have to say the calmness and sense of safety and trust in the room was incredible. Karen has a soothing and accepting presence. That acceptance made me feel accepting of myself and that I might add is profound for me! 


I have had two further sessions with Karen and hope to have more. Both consisted of different connecting exercises through touch or deep conversations. Not always easy and some emotions came up during the session. Unusual for me but instead of freaking out when I share something personal I felt at ease, lighter afterwards. It made me realise just how much I trust Karen. She is open, non judgemental and is someone that I instinctively know is deserving of my trust. Her caring nature and loving heart makes me feel soothed and protected. Better yet I feel like she can guide me on this part of my journey, the path to finding my inner self. Her emotional openness and wealth of experience and knowledge excites me as I feel there is so much I can learn from her. She is a healer and a mirror onto ourselves!!


Karen's advice to me on our third session was to always connect and consult with mind, heart and sex when making a decision. If like me, you have been drawn to Tantra & to Karen, I assure you there is a reason. I encourage you to be courageous and to take that step on your path. You have a beautiful journey ahead embrace and enjoy!!

Karen - you are a beautiful person and I am honoured to know you and am truly grateful to you for everything; thank you. Love Fran

~ Hi Karen, I hope you are keeping well. I am sitting here writing this message to you with the beautiful winter sun shining through my window and listening to The Garden of the Goddess music by Tajalli feeling very much at peace with myself and my surroundings. I want to let you know that my journey with Tantra started for me from my first session that I had with you in 2014 and it has had such a remarkable positive effect on my life. I look forward so much to reading your blog and poetry each month. I can identify with quiet a lot from your most recent blog, but from reading your blogs on the different Tantra subjects I am continually encouraged to rise above the judgements and harsh words when directed towards me that in the past had such a devastating effect. This is no longer the case and I felt after reading your blog on My Life, My Choices, that I had to write to you and let you know that I have you to thank so much for introducing me to Tantra and all the wonderful benefits that it provides for me in living a very calm and peaceful life with everything I am surrounded with in the universe. Thanks Karen once again and I wish you and al your family all the peace and joy for the holiday season and the New Year. With much love Neil x

~ You guided me to a place, a plateau of beautiful feelings that I haven't experienced in that way before. It was totally exilerating. I feel that not only do you hold a space for me ,you create a unique space and experience that is far beyond my wildest dreams when I set off on this journey. Wow! Arthur


~ I did not really know what to expect when I booked a session with Karen. I was apprehensive on the drive down to Portlaoise and tried to talk myself out of it. On arriving, I found Karen to be professional and kind with a very easy energy. She talked to me for a while, which I found helped me get to know her better and ask any questions that I might have had prior to my session. I really liked that Karen had a sense of humour and that put me even more at ease All this helped me so much that by now, I was actually looking forward to my session with her.

She brought me into a beautiful room, that was perfectly set and peaceful. Throughout the exercises, I found Karen's manner to be professional, gentle and at no stage did I feel in any way threatened or unsafe. It was a very beautiful and deeply special experience for me. I felt liberated in a  way that I have not felt for a very long time.

I found the whole experience, deeply personal and powerful and am looking forward to returning here to work with her again. You will know when you are ready to try this work but I would recommend you consider Karen if you are - Isabella


~What a wonderful session. Each time just goes so much deeper. Thank you for your integrity and for the trust you place in me , I am truly blessed. The session for me was very deep, a mingling of  energy, a sense of exploration and love. I continue to learn more about myself and how I relate to others. Thank you for your loving presence, your spontaneity, your courage to be yourself. Love, Tom 


~ Dear Karen. The session was for me blissful and full of beautiful sexual energy. I feel it has awakened something inside of me that is truly sublime. Thank you again for guiding and sharing this journey with me. You have such a beautiful and loving presence. Love, Sarah 


~ Dear Karen I feel that now is a good time to express my admiration and thanks to a wonderful person. When I  looked at your website and read the testimonials I thought what a load of hype, higher planes, enlightenment, rubbish. Fortunately I did contact you and you sounded so genuine, expressing a positive to what I perceived as a negative in my life.  Session 1 was an experience I shall never forget, not only were you genuine, you are a truly amazing lady, so loving and giving of yourself in the pursuit of happiness and contentment in your clients. You never stopped asking if I was comfortable because of my injury. It was insightful and heavenly to say the least. My moods are lifting and I am starting to believe in myself again. Maybe my scepticism is misplaced.

Session 2 was somehow more powerful, deeper, you make me feel 20 again instead of pushing 60. To feel my energy through my whole body was sublime. I feel a new man. my uplifting didn't go un-noticed by my wife, friends and colleagues. I am doing things that I had found to be too much trouble previously. I didn't think that it could get any better than that but at the last session we approached things slightly differently, the breathing exercises were effective, this powerful magic that you do sees no boundaries, the caring and loving that you project just gets stronger and stronger, the whole session appeared to be on a higher plane. I am relaxed and just let things happen as they will, no goals no finishing line, inner peace. Sensations of a magnitude virtually unknown for many years. Dearest Karen you truly are a wonderful lady, how can anyone give and keep giving, expecting nothing in return except the knowledge that you are helping others in such a meteoric way. An angel in human form?. Powerful, powerful stuff your Tantra. Can't wait for the next one. Lots of love, Peter

~ Hi Karen. Your writing is enlightening and a reminder of the things you are teaching me and helps with perspective. I am so pleased to have connected with you - I feel on the start of a journey that will open my mind and heart. Thank you for the beautiful warmth you show me - I feel uplifted and also very thoughtful. I appreciate all that you do. Regards, Anton

~ Dear Karen. I felt completely loved, protected and held in such a beautiful space. Thank you for bringing me on this great adventure. Thank you for your lovely energy and once again I thank you for your trust and the intuitive and insightful way you guide the session. I feel that you brought me to a new place within myself. I left the session with a sense of connectedness and love in my heart. What a fantastic way to face the world! Love, Michael


~ Thank you for such a vibrant, loving session. The session for me tapped into that beautiful sexual energy, which is the life force that gives expansiveness and greater meaning to our journey. It seems to make me whole, more at one with myself. With your beautiful, respectful and loving guidance, I felt at one with the world. Thank you dear Karen for sharing all of this with me, and taking me further along this path of love. Thomas

~ Dearest Karen how can I express my gratitude to such a loving and giving lady, I was sceptical about the contents of testimonials on your website, I thought they were hyped up to the max. Just 3 sessions later I am converted. The powerful energy of your careing is immense, The feelings I experience are outrageous. I now realise that full body orgasms through breath alone are not hype they are fact, a wonderfully intense fact. You lift me to higher planes with each session, more concentrated, you are able to unlock energies which I thought died many years ago. You project simplistic enlightenment that a client willingly responds to, You give and give of yourself asking nothing in return save the knowledge that you are helping your clients in so many ways. My scepticism has fizzled away I feel now that almost anything is possible thanks to you. Looking forward to our next session. Carl


~ Karen, my dear. I am a very positive person, my glass is always 'half full'. As you know my life changed dramatically when the love of my life passed away a couple of years ago. It was after that period that I discovered Tantra, and more importantly, you. It was only then that I discovered that my glass was not quite half full. Karen, with your therapeutic skills and care, you have helped me to get my glass half full again and lots more. Even though I am well past three score + ten, I am feeling the connection and energy in my body again. I am able to explore and enjoy all the pleasures of that connection and energy without any problems. All thanks to you. Karen, you are a true Goddess. May God bless you always, Kieran 


~ I would just like to thank you very much for today. It was a totally amazing experience and I think it will get me on the right road to new experiences, You really put me at ease and I can see you are an amazing person. Thank you! Anne


~ A big big thank you for our wonderful session. After the session my body was alive, tingling with energy and yet relaxed at the same time. I had a great nights sleep and woke up feeling great. I am still processing the session - it was very deep and meaningful for me. I feel very privileged, honoured and loved to have shared this session with you. Thank you for the way you work, your touch and your intuitive way of being. The work we do together is making a big difference in my life. Love, Dennis


~ Dearest Karen, Yesterday was absolutely wonderful, as ever you create a beautiful, safe and blissful space filled with love and compassion and free of all judgement, and through the way you made me feel 'sage', you invited me to accept the freedom to be myself. Each and every session has been filled with tenderness and joy and yet each one different in its own way. Despite been in a space filled with love and compassion accepting freedom has not always been easy, fear of oneself is never far away. But now, over time I am beginning to throw off fear and be, I believe, my true self.I like most people I imagine, have come to Tantra with baggage, or blockages, some of which I was aware of, and others that were deeply hidden.I am now beginning to notice changes in my everyday life; blockages are just evaporating. I find for example I am more generous in how I treat people and have ceased to judge people as harshly as I might have in the past. In essence I feel in my heart I am more compassionate and open. Also, I notice, I am more inclined to say what I want to say and willing to accept a “yes” or “no” answer , whereas in the past I was not inclined to ask the question if I was not fairly sure what the answer would be . This is I feel just the beginning, one by one I find I am re-energising my life and discarding the hurts and self imposed constraints which I up to now I have lived with.Thank you, thank you Dear Karen for the care and love you have so generously lavished on me. Tony 


~ I still cannot believe how different each session is & how different I feel after each one. They, and you, are amazing! Thank you! Katherine


~ Dear KarenThank you for the lovely sessions, each successive one is deeper. I am developing a greater sense of the energies in my body, of that life force that energises and connects. I am becoming more aware of certain aspects of myself, especially of the challenge of letting go of control and expectation. Karen, thank you for your loving guidance, your way of being and for your gentle presence. I have always felt very loved, respected and safe during our sessions. Love, Norman 


~ I am in my late forties and I have had several sessions with Karen and I must say they are an amazingly beautiful experience. Karen radiates such warmth and love and the exercises are carried out in an authentic manner allowing a real connection with ones inner self. just let yourself go, no goals. It is simply magical! Gary 


~ Wow! I have had Tantra sessions all over Ireland and Europe, and this was the best!. Multiplied by 50 000! Wow! Thank you so much. You are incredible. Fred 

~ Thanks so much gorgeous woman for helping me discover such an amazing state of now and dipping my toes into the mysteries of Tantra and even at my time in life, to awaken me. I am forever in your debt. Peter 


~ Hi Karen. Before the end of an amazing day I pull over to send a text to a totally amazing lady. I want to express my total admiration for what you do and the way you do it. To have such an awakening of senses and such love, total respect and deep feeling of me was truly great. You have guided me to the very essence of breath and being fully present. My sincere thanks. Pat 


~ Thank you again for such a lovely session. Each successive one has become deeper for me. I am learning so much about trust and surrender. Thank you. Neil 


~ Thank you sincerely for the wonderful experience of my recent visit. I have waited to see if the feeling of wellbeing would last, and I am happy to say that not only is it lasting, but it is increasing each day. I have found an inner peace which I did not know existed - just as I did not know that such beautiful people as your good self existed in this world. When I think of the benefits which I am enjoying, I think of you, and I thank you. Long may you continue to offer the beautiful and beneficial services which you do so well. Yours in gratitude,Terrence 


~ Thank you for your help in opening a door to a much much fuller experience of life. I was nervous and unsure about what I would experience and what might arise in our time together. However, your warmth and generosity made me feel very safe to experience both breathwork and touch.What I learned with you has become something central in my life. Altogether life seems brighter, lighter, softer and far more sensual. My learning and experience of living continues to unfold in a lovely way. Thank you for your help in enabling me to re-connect with a gentle sensual aliveness that I had lost touch with. Alistair


~ I have found it to be both a privilege, happy and an enlightening experience to work with Karen  who both brought a beautiful sense of caring to her work with me. While I initially felt some anxiety and indeed was inclined to ask myself what have I let myself in for, Karen's warmth and tenderness very quickly made me feel relaxed, pampered, honoured and very special.While I now realize that I am just on the start of a new phase of my life experience, Karen's magnificently beautiful way about her is so reassuring and is allowing me to get to know and value myself in a new and better way. I am beginning to know who I am, learning how to activate the energy centres of my own body and live life in a fuller way.Thank you for making energy, I didn’t know I really had, flow through my body while making me feel comfortable safe and honoured. Karen has made me feel totally safe and cherished, and opened up the opportunity to knowing myself better and widening my life experience.Timothy 


~ Firstly, thank you so much for a wonderful days experience. We both really enjoyed it. It was a major stepping stone in our journey into Tantra. As you know M was very nervous going into it, but in the space you held, she allowed herself to open and experienced so much. She is already looking forward to her next session. We are enjoying our 'homework' and practising our breathing and touch. See you soon. Molly & John

~ I've really been feeling fantastic post workshop! Very joyful and relaxed and I feel connecting with people in a really relaxed way that's a bit hard to describe. It's a really powerful way to create an energetic shift (and I didn't really feel I had sky particular blocks - but sure I suppose we all do. Thank you again and I've been telling all my friends and work colleagues that I'm friends with how cool it was !) . I can really see how useful this would be for clients with health issues connected to prior abuse situations. Anyway wonderful to be aware of this new (to me) healing (and sexy and fun!) modality! Thanks again, You're doing great work !  (Oops double "thanks again" there above but sure you deserve it. Aoine

Tantra Workshops

~ The weekend was very intense and brought a lot of insights about myself and the connection I have with my partner at the moment. I'm feeling great and open to further my tantra experiences. Please, let me know about any coming up workshops or courses you'll be running.  It was definitely a life changing experience.   

Love and light to you! Congratulations on the amazing work you're doing.  Joáo 


~ Thank you for a lovely, lovely day yesterday. For me it was a day of exploration and new experiences. A day of connecting to the essence of ourselves. A great workshop.Neil 


~ A wonderful, enriching, life affirming experience. Thank you! Rene 


~ A week later, still savouring the bliss. Thank you Therese 


~ Thank you so much for a wonderful day yesterday. It was invigorating, exciting, restful, peaceful, healing, stimulating and lots more besides. I look forward to your next course. Donagh


~ Thank you for such a profound weekend. I got so much out of it.. Breath is so powerful, so beautiful, so sacred. Anne (South Africa)» An amazing weekend with awesome discoveries. Thank you! Lynn 


~ Awesome, blissful!!! The techniques used are some in my daily routine. The facilitation via demonstative and interactive on energtic levels with co participants certainly added a new dimension the experience. A whole body orgasm stemming from the heart puts Da Vinci's Vitruvian man into clearer perspective! Siva 


~ Just a little note to send you the biggest Thank you for an incredibly wonderful, invigorating, awakening, growth inspiring day on Sunday!The exercises and chats were great, and your home, lovely lunch and way of facilitation were superb. I feel that the level 1 course opened me up in a big way, and level 2 has really built on that. I feel awakened, alive, connected and more completely taking part in the sexual and sensual energies of the universe as a result. I have already noticed some big shifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Leslie 


~ Best workshop ever! More please.. Wow! Love Love Love Marlene


~ Dedicated, very genuine. Respect! Leighanne (Cork)» Excellent! And so generous with your time, energy and love.. Thank you so much for the beautiful experiences! xxxLee 


~ It could have been longer ;) Only joking, but honestly, I could have done it forever!!Cara


~ Driving to the Tantra Level One workshop, I felt quite nervous... although I had read about Tantra as a method of personal and societal transformation, as an Irish ‘cultural Catholic’, this was way outside my comfort zone.But I needn’t have worried. I was so welcomed, that I immediately felt at home. The workshop space was really comfortable, with yoga mats and plenty of squishy cushions. This was more like meeting friends for the kind of meaningful conversations people usually have at 2am, when the world is asleep, and every idea seems fresh and new.During the morning, we were guided through three different active meditations, each of which used movement and breath in different ways. After each, we shared with the group how we had experienced the meditations and discovered that each person had a different experience. For me, the Osho Chakra Breathing was the most powerful, bringing with it images of a winged serpent in flight.Having spent the morning inwardly connecting with ourselves, and discussing our experiences with the group, in the afternoon we focused on ways to connect with another person through sight and words. First, we shared with the group the negative thoughts we would like to leave outside, like fear and guilt, and the positive things we wanted to bring to the group like fun and laughter. We learned how to appreciate and honour each other as sentient beings, and how to ask for the simple things that we want. The final exercise, awakening the senses, was a playful introduction into how we experience the world through our senses, and tuning in to each one.The last few moments of the workshop felt really special. We sat in silence, facing each other, reflecting on the day we had spent learning to connect with ourselves and each other. The sense of connectedness was tangible, as if we had been travelling companions on a long journey. Soon, we would all head home, each in a different direction. But even now, over a week later, that sense of connection has remained.The workshop was an amazing experience for me, and I recommend it to everyone, especially if you’re feeling in any way disconnected from life or the people around you.I have come to understand, through this day, that humankind has the knowledge and the power to make this world a better place: One person at a time, one breath at a time. Namaste.Pat 



~ I attended Taste of Tantra and it was a wonderfully re-energising day. It was well paced and supportive for beginners and the material included a great intro or refresher into breathwork. I heartily recommend it. x Ailish


~ A wonderfully self nurturing way to spend a day! Challenging, relaxing, invigorating and thought provoking! Thank you. Tanya


~ Thank you  for a wonderful, wonderful day. A really lovely experience. Thank you from my heart. Jim 




Meditation Groups


~ I have tried Kundalini yoga, Mindfulness Meditation and so many others, but this is the one that works! This has changed my life. Thank you. Michael


~ Thank-you for an amazing Chakra Dance ~ still buzzing and blissful  I look forward to the next time we meet. Shikha


~ Wow again! Feeling wonderful after my meditation,. So relaxed and happy. I recommend it strongly xxxxSinead 


~ Thanks you for the Active Meditation class tonight - feeling very clear and energised as a result. Looking forward to next week and highly recommend to everyone!Eilish


~ That was great! Felt very smiley afterwards! Siobhan 

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