Sex Education / Guidance & Humanism 

Inclusive, comprehensive  & supportive sexuality & relationship guidance for teenagers & young adults

Imagine the next generation knowing so much more than ours, about what is possible in love, intimacy and sexuality!

The reality is that we aren't taught anything about relationships and sex.  So many of us just learn as we go, fumbling our way through sex & relationships, feeling insecure and being under the misconception that it is wham, bam, thank you Ma'am. For myself, I wish I knew then, even half of what I am now aware of, and that is not only in regards to my sexuality, but my relationships, both intimate and otherwise. And even more so, the love and the intimate relationship with myself. Most of the people I work with are 40+, when there is this realisation that 'there must be more'. We are losing out on such depth & richness of love and life in our early adult years. There are so many adults with sexuality & relationship issues that manifested as a teen/young adult, and it has stayed with them. What we need is more knowledge and power over our own bodies and choices when we are younger. For many years I have wished the book 'The Heart of Tantric Sex' was in the final year of school,  and it is time to begin doing something about that.

Adolescence and our early 20' are a very delicate period in life; bodies, emotions and ways of thinking begin to change. Many teenagers/young adults  feel insecure and vulnerable, which is often disguised with an indifferent attitude. Teens can be educated to genuinely love their bodies and understand how different bodies function in terms of sexual attraction and pleasure. Teaching teenagers about energy, consent, communication, conscious touch and how to care for their minds and bodies, results in great health and joy for life.

The most important relationship we will ever have, is the one with ourselves and being able to love, understand, respect and know ourselves, needs to happen at a young age. Whereas in most schools, sex education simply covers abstinence and contraception, students are interested in more than the biology of sex or the usual run down on safe sex practices; they want to know about love, starting a relationship, gender diversity, breaking up, violence in relationships, sexual pleasure and a range of other topics.

Quality sex education has been shown to:

~ delay the first experience of sex

~ reduce STIs

~ reduce instances of unplanned pregnancy

~ reduce instances of coerced sexual activity

~ reduce instances of sexual assault

~ increase confidence and ability to negotiate consensual sexual activity that is mutual, respectful, communicative and safe.

When we add relationship & intimacy guidance to the mix, healthier long term relationships are the result, affecting every aspect of their lives

As part of my work with schools & colleges, I look at:

~ Sex Education covering sex, body image, masturbation, consent, contraception, sti's etc

~ Being clear in communicating and understanding safe bounadies and consent

~ Conscious sexuality/relationships/intimacy covering new ways of connecting with others and experiencing intimacy (intimacy does not mean sex/naked or even being with a partner. We can experience intimacy in different ways with every person we meet. Seeing them)

~ Being available for students needing to talk about fears, concerns, hopes and desires

~ Learning more about different choices around gender and/or how sexuality is expressed

~ Active meditations - moving away from the mind and into the body becoming more aware of life and energy 

~ Exploring ancient meditation & awareness tools, bringing teenagers to the core of who they are, building strong foundations for their futures

~ Working together on volunteer projects (ie homeless people) 

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I do not focus on gender and approach every individual as a unique being rather than projecting stereotypes as to what masculine and feminine is. All sessions and workshops are open to everyone, regardless of experience, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or social status 

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