Private sessions are a way to address specific issues, using Tantra and Neo Tantra practices that include bio-energetics, movement, breathing exercises, sound, meditation and touch. Experience new levels of expansion within yourself or with a partner.

Sessions may be booked for 1 to 3 hours in length (unless otherwise stated) in Newport, Shropshire : £ 80 per hour​

Private sessions can be used for an expansion of intimacy knowledge (issues of connection, expression, communication, and passion), or can be healing sessions where I focus on  a particular issue such as lack of confidence, recovery from trauma, or struggling with feelings of shame for the body or sexuality. When exploring a private session with a partner, rediscover presence and awareness, deepen your sexual and emotional connection and take your relationship to a new level. Time to focus on yourself or reconnect to each other, ignite and strengthen the bond. ​

Please note that these sessions are for women or couples only. I have spent many years helping men and for now, my focus is on guiding women & couples. 

Relationship Coaching

Through discussions and experiential exercises, we look at the connection and energy that exists between you and explore ways for both partners to feel seen, heard & valued; to be able to communicate with no expectation or judgement, and in this, feel supported as you begin to strengthen the foundations of the relationship.

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Breath, Energy & 

Conscious Sexuality

 In the surrender to our breath, relaxing into our body, we open our hearts and the door to sacred intent, to joy, to love. The deeper we breathe, the more we relax. The more we relax, the deeper we breathe. And the deeper we breathe, the more we experience. The more we feel. Give yourself the gift of presence, of awareness of your breath & body. Allow yourself to surrender Minimum 90 min session

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Shakti Awakening

In the tantric traditions, women are admired for their power to teach and open others. In Tantra, women are revered. She embodies the beauty of life and in turn attracts this beauty like a magnet. The energy inside us affects our whole being. Our body, our thoughts, and our consciousness are made up of energy. Body, soul and feelings form an indivisible whole.

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Tantra Spirituality

We look at deep awareness & meditative practices designed to take you on a journey back to the essence of who you are, bringing about a permanent shift in your default state; living from your individual essence nature (Soul).

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