• Karen O'Moore

What's in a kiss?

"What's in a Kiss

Have you ever wondered just what it is

More perhaps than just a moment of bliss

Tell me what's in a kiss"

Remember this Gilbert O’Sullivan song? I do. What is a kiss for you? Is it a chicken peck or a ten minute oral immersion? Kissing has major health, emotional and psychological benefits: from self esteem, endorphin release to weight loss (2 calories per minute!) kissing IS good for you.

Whether it’s your first kiss with a new lover or after years in a relationship, treat a kiss the same way. But what should go into a kiss? Care, attention, awareness, emotion and feeling: all go into the mix for a good kiss. Take your time, focus your intention and awareness on the other and simply surrender into the kiss, build up expectations. Be aware of the response. Have no expectations other than the kiss. Start softly, slowly and gently, lips open, stay light and explore, not with tongue or teeth, but with the lips themselves. Allow your lips to lock and the kiss to deepen and allow yourself to receive as well as give! Don’t forget to breath, breathlessness may be an end result, but breathe through your nose or take a break briefly. Maintain eye contact and use your hands (running them through your partner’s hair is nice). Be gentle with the tongue and explore before going deeper. Don’t pull back but allow the intensity to build by nibbling the lips gently and taking breaks to gaze and connect.

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