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Zombie to Enlightenment in 5 easy steps

Ok, maybe not enlightenment but definitely a whole load more bliss! In Tantra there is no room for the ordinary, no greyness.. None of the walking dead, no decaying mould seeping from your soul.

1. Breathe

Breath is power. In Tantra, each exhale is a death, a releasing of old thoughts, negative emotions and each inhale brings us life. Breathing might not sound very sexy but the simplest way I have found to become more alive, more ecstatic, is conscious breathing. The deeper you breathe, the more you feel, and the more you become alive. Deep breathing gives you more oxygen, releasing tension, allowing you to relax and surrender to your body. And what happens then? Ecstasy.

2. Awareness

Tantra is weaving, expanding, and being fully aware of ourselves. Being fully aware of the consequence of every action, every thought, and every choice. Don’t get lost in whatever you are doing – bring your awareness to the moment, bring your senses and feelings to ‘here’. Right now, for a couple of minutes, become aware of your body. There is a universe within you – your heart is beating, feel how your body moves with each inhale and exhale, feel new vibrations, tingles as you breathe deeply and feel warmth spread through your body. Melt into the moment. And in that awareness of yourself, your sense of awareness of everything around you increases. The beautiful colour of a flower… the sweet glance of a stranger.

3. Move

We are born to move, to dance, so get those hips shaking. Swinging our hips awakens our energy & movement allows it to flow through our body. Put on some music, dance freely, wildly and release any negative energy in your body. Movement allows us to shake loose those cobwebs, our own limitations and restrictions. And when we release these, we have more freedom, allowing your heart to expand that little bit more. You find a beautiful gift in discovering a little more space within yourself. Resisting closes up your heart, little by little, making you more rigid, stopping your flow of energy. Isolating you

4. Love

Tantra is about saying ‘yes’ to life in all its beauty and chaos. Tantra is about Love. Love is simply Love. It is like breathing. Simply there. Love is not jealousy. Love is not grasping on. Love is not a possession. Love transforms. Love is appreciation, gratitude. Yes, Love hurts sometimes but there is beauty in that. A heart that is untouched might be beautiful to look at but it is not alive. A heart missing a piece that was given to another, a little jagged, a little scarred, holding a sliver of another’s heart, is exquisite. It dazzles, it shines, it radiates. Take one more step away from a heart that closes and protects itself from the world to heart that is wide open, accepting and living in pure love.

5. Masturbate

Yes, masturbate! Light some candles, put on some slow sensual music and seduce yourself. Caress every millimeter of your gorgeous body. Get to know how you like to be touched. Slowly. Breathing deeply. Allow your energy to awaken and to ripple through your body. Not 0 to a 100 in 60 seconds, but savouring the pleasure. The longer you linger in this process of building energy, the longer your session will last and the more energy you will build within you. Our sexual energy is the most powerful, vibrant energy we have. Connect with it. No distractions, but being fully present and aware with yourself. Get to know the beautiful body that you have. I promise you will not grow hair on your hands or get struck down by lightning. Enjoy it.

Karen O'Moore September 2013.

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