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What's the story Morning Glory

Most men* will freely admit to wishing they had more sex. Yet the joy and bliss of having more sex is tainted with stress. Men have paid a heavy price for their role of masculine power & strength. Labels such as ‘fear of intimacy’, ‘fear of failure’, ‘impotence’ and ‘sexual inadequacy’ propel many men into deeper self consciousness about their sexuality. Belief in these ideas, and labels, together with guilt and stress often cause men to distrust their own sexual responses and they end up falling into the trap of the burden of managing peak sexual performance all the time, every time. In this state, a man can lose touch with his emotions and body.

Just as woman are bombarded with stereotypes of what their bodies should look like, what is expected and what is not expected of men, has been hammered into them. The veils of gender expectations can be heavy. Men evaluate each other largely by inaccurate generalisations of the ideal masculine model.

The truth is no man is impotent. There are some periods and with some women/men that they might be. The Lingam is not a piece of plumbing that functions on a whim. It is an expression of the total self. There is considerable pressure for a man to be a good lover, and in a lot of cases men want to try and be the best lover his partner has ever had – adding to the stakes. There are simply so many variables involved – will he get an erection, when will the erection happen, maintaining the erection and praying that he doesn’t ejaculate before his partner experiences orgasm. All that and we haven’t even mentioned having an orgasm of his own.

In focusing on the end point both partner miss the experience of their own energy & body and that of their partners. Many times women are not only in their head about the pressure to have an their own orgasm but they are trying to heighten the experience for their partner by squeezing their vagina muscles, unwittingly pulling their partner into ejaculation long before he is ready to ejaculate or orgasm.

The awareness of our breath & energy in Tantra allows our bodies & genitals to relax and we no longer become compelled by orgasm, but rather we surrender to the delicious energy that flows freely through our bodies. Instead of wham bam, thank you mam, we move away from the end point and relax – into our own bodies & into our partner, into each breath and moment.

The more conscious and present a man is in each moment, each movement, what is happening within and around the penis (and vagina), the greater the sensitivity and the deeper the experience will be.

The Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to assist men in going beyond sexual gratification into a state of deep connection with their bodies and their sexuality. We all hold and store negativity, pain, trauma and experiences in the cells of our bodies. This is a full body massage that includes the lingam (Sanskrit for penis), so as to gently encourage men to let go of any traumas, emotions, beliefs and pain that may hinder personal, emotional, relationship, spiritual and sexual growth.

Sacred Tantric Lingam Healing Massage is the ritual of honoring and healing this part of the body & moving the energy through the energy centres, opening up the chakras & spreading the powerful sexual healing energy throughout the body. Touching the penis not from a place of arousal and orgasm, but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body

Karen O’Moore October 2013

*Anyone that identifies themselves as male or as someone with a penis


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