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Desire: the sweet longing of this breath


Breath. The pureness of it. The simplicity. And in that moment of touching it, in complete awareness, the bliss, the beauty, the ecstasy it brings. Breath is so powerful and can produce so much extraordinary pleasure in ourselves.

In the early morning, the sun begins to is rising, her rays reflecting on me and I begin to slip into myself. Sitting, allowing my body, my belly to be soft, becoming aware of my gentle breathing, the movements of my stomach and pelvis. Deep slow breathing causes an increase in the release of endorphins - neurochemicals produced by the body that act like opiates - into the system, which bring relaxation and a sense of well being. Feeling the desire this breath has for me. Surrendering to its touch as it caresses my tongue and throat as it descends into my lungs. This beautiful breath that brings life and new beginnings in every moment. As I inhale, my belly filling, releasing and stretching out, my chest and heart opening and expanding, then as I exhale, pulling in my belly and my spine curves. A gentle rocking of the hips, though everything, my spine, my inner thighs, my jaw, everything, is relaxed. My mouth fall opens, lips soft and kissable as I breathe in and out though them.

Feeling the warmth of the sun, I lay down, still continuing to breathe gently in total consciousness and connection with my pelvis. Being aware of each vertebrae moving in turn in a wavelike movement, from my head all the way down to my coccyx. With each inhale, I begin to contract the muscles of my perineum (the perineum is the centre of a figure-eight - above are the vaginal muscles and below, are the anal muscles), releasing on my exhale. Gently at first, only holding the breath for a few seconds, really feeling this area, becoming aware of the energy awakening. I don't hold onto it, there is nothing we can hold on to, but simply being aware. Feeling. My breath begins to go deeper, slower and the contractions and release become longer as I drop into a rhythm. With my pelvis still gentle rocking, I begin to feel warmth, vibration, a pleasant tremoring with my inhale and a deep relaxation on my exhale. Feeling the desire of these vibrations, my pelvis opening, I begin to become aware of each individual muscle, like a coil spiralling. This deep relaxation I am in, allowing my energy pathways to open and expand, letting me hold more energy. The wonder of this very moment shares so much joy as if I were making love with the tiniest particles in the universe. Absolute oneness.

I encourage you to spend time, just short moments during the day, becoming more conscious with your breath. Through your breath, your body opens, even your skin becomes more alive, quivering, softer. In just a few weeks of becoming more aware of your breath, this blossoming stays with you, as you walk down the street, attend a business meeting, hug a child. When you discover the pleasure to be found in presence and awareness, you will begin to find a natural tendency to return to it. It no longer becomes a 'practice', but a way of life.

Karen O'Moore November 2014

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