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Grounding the Energy


Some people spend a large amount of their time in their head. While the brain is excellent for transforming energy, it is not so good at storing it. The movement of energy in the body can appear to be quite strange to beginners. If you notice that you are having a little difficulty sleeping or are feeling “wired”, just like having a little too much coffee, it is best to bring the energy down. Below is a Taoist technique taken Mantak Chia’s, “The Multi-Orgasmic Couple”:

  • Place your hands on your abdomen and Touch your tongue to the front of your palate, (see also the article on the microcosmic orbit).

  • Smile, allowing your lips to gently curve upwards and smiling with the corners of your eyes. Relax your body, look for tension and blockages and allow them to be released. Bring your attention down to your navel (energy will follow your focus).

  • Imagine the energy descending down the front of your body like a waterfall and pooling in your abdomen. Cup your left hand with your right hand just below your belly button, as if you were catching the waterfall of energy. As an alternative, you can imagine that the energy is like molasses or honey being drawn down and wound around a spiral in your belly button. If you swallow your saliva as well, this can also help your energy come down.

If you are still having difficulties bringing energy down, an alternative technique, Venting, taken from the same source book, is described here:

Sit on a chair or lie down on your back. If lying on your back elevate your knees with a pillow if you feel any type of pain in the lumbar area. Place your hands in front of your mouth so that the tips of your fingers touch and your palms are facing towards your feet.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel your chest and stomach expand slightly. Then smile and exhale quietly, make the sound “heeeee” as you do so. As you are exhaling, push your hands towards your feet. Picture your body as a hollow tube of blue light that you are emptying with your hands from your head and down through your chest, abdomen, legs and out of the soles of your feet. Repeat the sequence three, six or nine times.

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