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Humming Meditation


The ability to vocalise is an important part of Tantra: It enables you to express what you feel and the vibrations experienced set up new levels of arousal throughout the body. This month’s meditation explores the healing potential of your voice by releasing tension, uplifting the spirit and connecting to the vibrations within the body. We will explore sustained vocalized tones to stimulate the entire physical system, regulate blood flow, increases oxygenation and heal the nervous system, glands and organs.

For this meditation, find a place where you can be alone, out of earshot of others and will not be disturbed.

Stand with your feet firmly planted and imagine yourself well grounded, with your shoulders and arms relaxed. Begin to hum into your lower abdomen or heart centre. Imagine the hum expanding throughout your entire body. Hum into your bones, muscles and organs. Continue to allow the hum to increase until it is a full-voiced sound or tone. Give yourself permission to feel it resonating throughout your whole body.

Ask what needs to be healed, visualise poisons being released through your feet. Tone into any area of your body that needs releasing or healing. Let the sounds be spontaneous and in any form but imagine that your toning is connected to the harmonics of the universe. When you are ready allow the toning to come to a natural stillness and stand quietly, affirming the healing and rejuvenation that has occurred within your body.

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