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Connecting with Nature

This meditation is taken from Margot Anand’s “The art of everyday ecstasy”. It ‘s purpose is to heal and renew by bringing you into contact with nature. You should set aside an hour and go to your favourite nature spot, leaving everything behind and wearing comfortable walking shoes and clothing.

  • Begin your walk slowly, breathing deeply and in step with your walking. Sense that your spine can be aligned with your pelvis. Allow your knees to be soft and elastic, creating a step that bounces of the earth effortlessly.

  • Now focus on what you see: look around with full, yet relaxed and receptive attention. Take it all in as you breathe deeply. Be filled with this beauty.

  • Now focus on what you hear: Open your ears with full, receptive attention, let yourself receieve all the sounds until you are filled with them.

  • Now focus on what you Smell: With every inhalation, become aware of the scents or smells, pick a leaf from a tree, smell its essence.

  • Continue for 15 minutes or more, enjoying a relaxed attention, bathing your Body, Heart and Spirit in this symphony of Nature. With Every Inhalation feel renewed, with every exhalation, let go of thoughts and tensions and feel how you can enjoy yourself, step by step.

  • Focus softly on a creative topic or question that needs answering, wait for an insight, an unusual word or new connection.

  • When you are ready, return home, take this beauty with you and remember it throughout the day.

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