• Karen O'Moore

Touching Strangers: Intimate moments

I think one of the most beautiful gifts Tantra has shared with me is the untold moments of intimacy. With myself, with partners, plus those I work together with and also, total strangers. Tantra brings you into each precious moment and when you live right in those moments, a whole world awakens to you. Where before you were not even aware of what you were missing, now intimacy awaits in every breath. It beckons when your eyes lock with another's across a room. It entices when a strangers hand brushes yours. And each moment hits you to your core. As if that very moment was an infinite lifetime.

Can intimacy be found in mere moments, or does it take years? There is no requirement to be in a relationship with someone to be intimate with them. We are not talking about sexual penetration here - that is easy. Allowing yourself to open, to stay open, to show someone, even if for a moment, just who you are, that is where the beauty lays. To allow yourself to be vulnerable, trusting someone with your fears, your thoughts, your hopes brings a whole new experience of intimacy. And that can be done with anyone (with healthy boundaries)

We are all connected simply by our proximity to each other. It is as if there is an invisible thread that binds us. There is the potential for any stranger to become a lover, a partner, or a friend. For however long - it needn't be a lifetime. When we live in the heart, wide open to everything and offer ourselves without holding back, we then receive without pushing away. It's when we connect with the person behind the counter as we are ordering our coffee because we both have the same shirt on, or when we catch someone's eye and we both just begin to laugh. I know how much I appreciate sharing these little moments with strangers and how grateful I am to get this opportunity to view people outside of the labels we so unfortunately easily use. It's when all of sudden we aren't limited by the roles we play, but instead look deeper and see each other as people just like us.

I am blessed more than most simply by choosing to share my Tantra journey with others. Every day, not only do I get the honour of touching another, but their willingness to be so open in this precious space we are sharing is deeply heart touching. In that time together, just for those moments, that intimate connection is all that exists in this world. This time doesn't detract from their relationships; it is simply two people opening up, being vulnerable and in that, being intimate. Can there be anything more beautiful?

Many think that Tantra is limited to the bedroom and to sexual prowess but while accessing sexual energy is at its core, Tantra is about opening to life itself. Being fully intimate with every breath, every moment. Everything we do ripples outward and affects everyone. My invitation to you is to slow down, enjoy every moment and see the person in front of you - getting out of your head and into your heart. Welcome that intimacy. Every glance, every smile, every chance you take can open hearts and minds.


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