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Breath : noun

Breath is our life force, the source of energy that fills our bloodstream with oxygen and our organs with vitality. Everything begins here. In the awareness of our breath. For me Tantra is about being fully present, being right here, right now - bringing presence to all sensations, emotions and thoughts. Experiencing it all. And before all that is the presence and awareness of my breath. No rocket science. It really is so simple, because when we become conscious of our breath, we become calmer, our breath deepens and so the circle begins. Our bodies begin to relax, to expand - there is nothing more I need to do.

It is a natural instinct to hold our breath at that sweet point of orgasm and it can take some time to get out of this habit. When we are not relaxing into our bodies, breathing deeply, we can be robbed of our orgasm or erection. One of the biggest keys to more arousal (sex is only one arousal state in the body. Excitement, joy, fear and anxiety for example are all states of arousal that can exist on their own or during a sexual encounter) is conscious rhythmic breathing. The deeper you breath, the more you relax. The more you relax, the deeper you breathe. And the deeper you breathe, the more you feel, the more aliveness you bring to your body. Your breathing patterns during love-making can be a focus to increase relaxation, vitality and orgasm. When we are aware of our breath and allow the flow to be easy and fluid, an openness happens in our bodies and that of our partner carrying us to new heights of sensation and new depths of intimacy and love.

Breath is not just about surviving. Conscious breathing is a gateway to a deeper life filled with joy & vitality. We are not striving for this. Just being present with our breath; experiencing the profound harmony of breathing. The rest just simply flows.

Finding the secrets in your breath:

1. Practise inhaling and exhaling, noticing the air coming into your body and as it flows out. They might seem to separate happens, but the more you relax into your breath you will feel your breaths dance with your body and become aware of new sensations. Notice when tensions release.

2. When you wake up in the morning, bring awareness to your breathing and your pelvis, allowing your breath to be a deep abdominal one. Rest your hands on your chest and letting your legs fall open. Begin noticing your abdominal muscles relaxing as you take a deep but gentle in breath, allowing your lower back to arch up a little. Become aware of that moment between the in breath and the out breath, not holding on to it, just noticing. And then on your exhale, draw your stomach muscles in and tilt your hips up - your body begins to almost rock as if in lovemaking. Relax into this breathing bringing more and more awareness to each inhale and exhale.

3. Breathing in through your mouth (bringing more oxygen and arousal into the body), begin to direct your breath/energy into your genitals and then exhale through your nose. Continue to breath like this during self pleasuring or intercourse, allowing your body to keep opening and staying with the sensations in your body.

Photo credit: Ludovic Florent

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