• Karen O'Moore

Meditation: Opening the pelvis

These are simple exercises to open the pelvis and awaken your energies. They are designed to be used as part of a daily practice. In part one we will be looking at simple physical exercises for loosening the hips and opening the pelvis. All these physical movements should be performed gently without pain or effort, do not strain:

· Keeping your spine straight, allow your shoulders neck and head to be relaxed, sit in a crossed legged position with your hands palms up on your knees and index fingers and thumbs touching.

· Close your eyes, bring your awareness to your breathing and at also concentrate on your pelvic region. Breathe deeply through the nose and as you exhale say LAM (long) to activate the root chakra, repeat this 6 more times. Continue with the breathing and on the inhale let LAM sound in your head for a total of seven times. Repeat this whole process twice more.

· Bring your awareness to the area above the pubic bone and repeat the above process, this time saying VAM as you exhale. This will activate the sacral chakra.

· You are now going to gently stretch the muscles of the hip. Still sitting place your legs so that your knees are pointed to the side and the soles of the feet are together. Place both hands around your feet and pull the heels in towards the body and slowly move your legs up and down like a butterfly for a minute or so, then stretch your legs gently. Repeat this exercise twice more.

· Come to standing with your feet pointing forward and shoulder distance apart, bring your attention to your Pelvis and Genitals. Place your hands on your hips and rotate your hips clockwise. Start with small circles then allow them to widen gently. Make sure that the movement is starting from the core and that the head and trunk are as still as possible. Repeat this exercise in an anti-clockwise direction.

· After completing the last exercise, come back to your original position, feet shoulder width apart, make sure that your toes point slightly outwards. Slowly crouch down much as you are able. Keep your spine straight and look towards you lap (this extends the neck muscles). Ensure that the soles of your feet are firmly planted on the floor and place your arms on your knees. Breathe deeply seven times and as you do so pull the pelvic floor muscles upwards each time on the inhale and relax on the exhale.

Slowly return to a standing position and relax.

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