• Karen O'Moore

Meditation: Relaxing the Psoas

In this month’s meditators guide we will be looking at a simple way of relaxing the Psoas. This is Taken from “the Vital Psoas Muscle” by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones. This exercise is widely practised and is known as the constructive rest position. It allows gravity and the skeleton to release muscle contraction.

Lie on your back on a firm surface, with the knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hip distance apart. Support the head if necessary so that it is in line with the spine. Cross the arms at the elbows and lie them across the chest. If you find this uncomfortable, you can place them at your side.

Close your eyes and imagine the whole length of your spine. Visualise a line of energy travelling down the back of your spine, curving up between your legs and then coming up the front of your body and moving back down in a circle.

Inhale as it flows down the spine and exhale as it moves back up. Feel your head, in line with the spine, melt into the surface of the floor. Simply let go and relax, allowing the bones to support the body and imagine that your knees are draped over a hanger, thighs hanging to one side, lower legs on the other.

Bring your attention to your thighs and imagine a waterfall flowing down from the knees and into your hip sockets and releasing the thigh muscles. Taking your time, imagine a waterfall going down from your knees, shins and the ankles. Imagine the feet and eyes relaxing in cool pools of water.

Repeat the imagery above for at least ten minutes then roll over to one side and come slowly to a sitting position.


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