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Living life in Expanded Orgasm

Living & experience the depth of life in an expanded orgasmic space, allows a new expansion beyond normal everyday living and begins to reveal the fullness of our potential. When we are simply existing, who we are, all our stories, are deeply engraved in stone, leaving us stagnated and claustrophobic from the lack of freedom. In living in a state of expansion, our identity becomes fluid, it flows and together with it, life begins to flow so much more beautifully. It is here, nestled in relaxation, that we discover new insights, connections and resourcefulness. And it is here, melting into expanded orgasm, where love unfolds, compassion and a knowing that we are all connected is truly felt. And your essence, your soul is sated.

Let me back track a little though. I am not talking about climatic orgasm in the sense of release from sexual stimulation, with us all ejaculating all over the place, all day and night. In these orgasmic states, oh yes, they are good, but once we come to that point of orgasm, the euphoria doesn't stay for breakfast and we fall back into habitual patterns (back to those stories we have engraved in stone). And we continually are searching for another peak experience, that moment when we cease to exist, la petite mort. Austrian physician Wilhelm Reich once said that 'Orgasm is the capacity to surrender to the flow of biological energy, free of any inhibitions'. This is what I am talking about!

Once we allow ourselves to let go & surrender to life, we begin to explore the journey of finding ourselves. It is the bravest and most important journey we will ever take. Consciously bringing this energy or orgasm into every moment of our lives. Finding and feeling God/Spirit/the universe in every one of those delicious moments. Each of those moments unveiling our true nature and essence.

It is the letting go, the surrendering to this flow, that takes us to that sweet spot. In an orgasmic state, our awareness is heightened and as our bodies and our hearts open even more, as we immerse into deeper relaxation, our senses are alive and we can truly savour life. The more we relax, the more intense the flavour. The more we allow the orgasmic waves to flow through us, our breathing becomes a little deeper and there, in the moment, and the one after that, and the one after that, pure ecstasy, love, devotion, bliss, flows through you and from you, touching every aspect of your life.

This is not rocket science. It is simply a slowing down and letting go. Letting your body open like the most beautiful lotus flower opening at the break of dawn to feel the sun on its petals. Stop the rushing, the reaching for something and let your whole body expand. Breathe into your pelvis. Feel it. When you stop searching, stop reaching, you can for the first time be fully present, fully here, now. Pause, breathe, be still. And open up

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