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The voice of our sex

Professional singers are encourages to consciously relax their pelvic muscles to help open their throats. And often as the throat is opened, the pelvis begins to move spontaneously. We are aware that sexual intimacy and flow moves beyond just the genitals, but are you aware of the connection between an open throat and an open pelvis? That there is a strong link between self expression and passion?

The pelvis and the jaw represent anatomical polarities. Ask any medical practitioner ( chiropractor, osteopathic doctors etc) and they will all say that if you heal one of these, the other automatically benefits. But that means the opposite is true as well - when we experience an energy block in either our pelvis or jaw, that is reflected in the other; they are linked. It is not a coincidence that the neck is called the cervical spine and the lower, narrow portion of the uterus is called the cervix (Latin for neck). When both the throat and pelvis are open, the sexual energy begins to flow through the whole body, sensitivity is heightened and this leads to ecstatic states of being.

Many women say that they can experience orgasmic contractions while giving oral sex, without any stimulation of their own genitals. Creating an energy circuit with a lover by kissing or breathing into each other's mouths while having genital contact, is hugely pleasurable. Connecting both poles in simultaneous oral sex is as well. The degree of pleasure though depends on both partners being open in their throat and pelvis energy centres.

When anxiety or fear sets in, the body, specifically the pelvic area, reacts by constricting and releases adrenaline into the blood stream, sending us into fight or flight mode. If you have ever heard yourself scream during a time of fear, you will have heard your voice coming out a lot more high pitched than usual. That is due to the tightness in the pelvis. Being aware of the sound and pitch of your voice, gives you an indication of your mental state and how you are breathing. When you are with a partner, you can become aware of where they are experiencing the sexual pleasure in their bodies but listening to the tone of their vocal expression. If it is a very genital based orgasm, the pitch will be deeper, more tribal as opposed to softer, heart expression.

Start becoming more aware of this connection. Begin by contracting your PC muscle (the muscle between the genitals and anus) as you inhale and releasing on your exhale, feeling that connection between the flow of breath entering your body and the contraction. Being aware if there is any tension in the throat as you squeeze or any emotion that may come up. Put some music on and dance and sing, allowing bow the hips to gyrate and the throat to expand. Alternating contraction and release of the pelvic muscles pumps blood and energy into our sexual organs enhancing intensity and pleasure, just as vocal control for variations in pitch and volume bring words and songs to life.

Natural childbirth expert, Ina May Gaskin coined a term 'Sphincter law' which states that 'If the mouth, jaw and throat are relaxed, then so is your bottom' . Again, relaxation is the key. Open throat. Open genitals.

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