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Body whispering

Bliss. That imperceptible space between the one that is touching and the one that is touched, that not only can it be felt, but can be heard in its gentle whisper. When we are so fully present with our partner and mesmerized in that touch, our sensory intelligence awakens.

We have become so goal orientated and steeped in our own fears of expectations that we have stopped being able to feel & hear the vibration of our own bodies and those we touch. And how beautiful it is to remember that language and be in that space with someone who listens. When we are touched in a way of caring, total presence and no judgment and the every other sense comes alive, we feel our bodies begin to open. What a beautiful gift.

Our skin mirrors the world as we are experiencing it and the living world within our bodies. It not only receives signals that come to us from our environment and relays them to centres of the nervous system for deciphering, but it also picks up signals from our inner world, which are then translated into quantifiable terms. Its colour, texture, moistness and every other aspect, reflects our state of being. It is a mirror of our passions and emotions.

But it is not this communication that is on my mind as I write. It is the beautiful prayer that happens when you are being so intimate with touch, that everything else fades away. Taking you even deeper into that moment. The communication we transmit and receive through touch creates the most powerful ways of establishing human relationships. Where touching begins, there you will find love and humanity. Novalis correctly wrote 'We touch heaven when we lay our hands on a human body'.

And how do we do this. Plan the space so that we have everything we need close by. And then we offer one of the greatest gifts we can give; our full presence and awareness. We touch from the heart, with no goal or expectation, giving the person receiving the safety to let go. That very part of their skin that has us so mesmerized; that is where we are; not even planning where to from there. When I am touching, I am aware of my devotion to this touch, how beautiful it is and what a gift it is for me. And even that is peripheral. My focus is on this body before me.

And the love and care is felt. Our touch talks to the person receiving and they know our intention behind our touch. That is why no goals are important. If you are simply touching to get into their pants, they will know it.

Give yourself time to leisurely explore this body in front of you. I often say the greatest secret to Tantra is relaxation and that relaxation is there in the giving as much as the receiving. The slower you go, the more intense it becomes for you and the more your partner's body begins to open up. And in that opening.. listen.

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