• Karen O'Moore

This pulse that keeps us alive

Without desire, life does not move forward. Without desire, life is stagnant, stale and lacking the delight of energy. In desire, movement occurs and we bring changes into our lives. Changes which offer a symphony of new beginnings. Life is created through our desires. Desire is not simply the thoughts that draw us to another in sexual union, but it is life. Life calling us, keeping us alive.

How we allow ourselves to be open to desire is in direct correlation to how alive we are. Our sexual desire is related to the desire that inspires all the richness in every other aspect of our lives and when we are connected to our sexual energy, we have more vitality & zest to pursue the dreams and life we choose. After all, our sexual energy is our creative and life force. This raw energy, the untamed dragon fire energy within us, is what ignites us and feeds us. Many on a spiritual path ignore the lower body & its energy centres and focus from the heart up, but it is here in the depths of our bodies that life begins and it is here where the wood is going to burn for us to reach higher states.

Eros, sexual yearning, love, desire, is the sum of all our instincts for self preservation and this enigmatic energy is inherent in the whole of creation. Dependent on culture Eros takes on different names, but in each, this instrument can only be awakened from within and it is only through this awakening that human psyche can be transformed. If we want to live from our core and reach higher states of consciousness, then we need to open to our desire.

And maybe that causes us to look at our relationship with desire. While we all have the potential for immense desire and great passion, day to day life can make it difficult to experience them. The demands, expectations of work, friends and family take up much of our time and energy and often love making gets put aside as we choose to rather get much needed sleep. But that is almost a catch 22 situation. When are not feeding our desire and pleasure, the result is our energy levels are low. To increase this zest for life, we need to make time for desire. When we make pleasure a priority, our sexual life flourishes and that flows into every aspect of our lives.

Pleasure and desire are often left way down the list as we focus on our partners, children, careers etc. Many also have a difficult relationship with desire, feeling suspicious of it or guilty at the self focus of it. But in the same way that every aspect of our lives, affect our sexuality, the reverse is also applicable and our sexuality can positively affect every aspect of our lives. Not only are our pelvis/sex centre/sexuality linked to our jaws/throats/expression, but when we are open to desire and sexuality, we are simply happier, and that make us better partners, parents or workers. As with anything that is important to us, we need to make time for desire. Giving ourselves permission and finding ways that allow us to drop into desire. Denying, judging or suppressing desire is of no use whatsoever. What joy is there in that? How does it help the world? Does suppressing it make you feel more alive? Do you feel more spiritual, more pure by disconnecting from this vital aspect of who you are?

Rather explore intimacy with all of life. Ignite your desire and dive deep into this amazing life.


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