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Intimate connection

I continuously fall in love every day. In my own Tantra practise but even more so with the beautiful people I share time and space with. In that connection with them. I am grateful beyond measure to have intimate moments and connection in each session during my days. Many people, are afraid of intimacy as it takes us to a space of exposing ourselves to a stranger ( No, I am not talking nudity here guys). But allowing ourselves to step into this, brings you closer to that stranger, experiencing that very moment, fully present. On the flip side of the fear of intimacy and connection, is that we all crave it, whether it be with a friend, a lover or someone close to us.

An aspect of Tantra is the practise of being in a full relationship with life; exploring connection with everything and everyone, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open and experience life from that place of openness. When we allow ourselves to be fully present, aware and authentic, we find that the mind makes way for the heart & body to open. It happens naturally. If one partner is open to intimacy and connection, by simply being totally with them, they are encouraging the other partner to meet them there. The presence takes us a step away from goals and expectations and in that space, you partner is welcomed into trust, love, joy and openness.

This intimacy & connection is both with yourself and with others. In being intimate with yourself, it is inviting stillness into your life so that you can hear the beat of your heart and song of your soul. It is about being willing to look at every facet of you, accepting each one and understanding how some may affect you, and others around you. Again, stepping into them. Being intimate with yourself means knowing yourself, what you enjoy, what you don't, and making choices around those. It is experiencing every part of who we are; love, anger, patience, hurt.. all of it. None better than the other. Slow down. Take deep breaths and immerse deeper into whatever you are doing in that moment. Taste your tea, coffee, breakfast. Savour the flavours on your tongue. Be intimate with life.

It is not rocket science in sharing intimacy and connection with another. And this beautiful pleasure is not solely reserved for those in committed relationships. It depends on your willingness to be open and present. Connecting with someone requires you. No agenda, no manipulation. Simply you, offering your greatest gift, your presence. In that moment, the only thing that ever matters is this time with each other. (And this can be for a fleeting few moments with someone you cross paths with in the street.) In a more intimate setting though, this space calls you to let your whole body relax and surrender. This is where we experience deep connection; when we let go. Just simply being there with each other. How do you not fall in love with each breath, with life when you are experiencing this sweet connection. I challenge you not to. Go and try it.. I dare you..

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