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Be. Here. Now.

One of the greatest gifts of Tantra is presence. Presence and intimacy with yourself and presence and intimacy with people and with life. When we become present, we give ourselves the greatest gift we can. Living in each moment with awareness: awareness of our bodies and our emotions, living and experiencing them, brings us such intimacy with life and a new depth and richness to every moment. When we are so present in an experience and all of our senses are involved in the experience, it changes the depth and beauty of that experience. This is where the magic lays. And even sweeter, is feeling that experience in your body linger, feeling its reverberations, almost as if it has become that experience. We miss out of so much beauty in this world by not being present. We miss out on so much of our body and aliveness by not being present.

Life does not happen in the past. We cannot change it; it is done, dusted. While we can lay some foundations for our future, we have no control over how it will unfold. We only have this precious moment, right now. This breath you are inhaling right now. How does it feel? The sounds around you? For me, I am writing this early in the morning (my favourite time of day) and it is silent and I love how the silence touches me. I can feel the softness of the blanket over my legs. It is as if the whole world slows down around me and life is good.

What would it be like for you to let go of haunting of the past or the fears of the future, and just experience this moment. Living here. This is the beginning of that living and not mere existence. This is where the sweet appreciation happens of the beauty this life holds, the aroma, texture, taste of that first cup of tea of the day. How the birds sing the day into being and seeing the radiant display of flowers and trees. I am continuously blown away by the beauty of a sunrise or sunset or even the sky and its clouds during the day. The laughter and sharing of people. Oh yes.

Oh the beauty and depth of being present with a beloved when making love, and simply enjoying each moment of immersing with them. In that moment, when we are not chasing after an expectation or goal, but allowing each sense to come alive and being aware of each one, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc etc, all wonderfully disappear. We are here, enjoying this moment of love and connection and in this space, our bodies change and begin to open like never before and we begin experience them, our sexual energy and our partner in a whole different way.

I wish you the gift of presence. Let life and love absorb you

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