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Bringing more love into your life and the world

Love is infinite possibilities. Love is born with you; we are all born with the capacity to love, but often painful experiences early in life create barriers within ourselves which prevent us from receiving & giving love freely. Fear is only the absence of love. Fear is like a darkness and there is no way to throw darkness out. It needs light to transform. Love is light. Focusing on the fears in our lives is not going to help move away from it. Love is who we are; it is deep-seated in us all and all we need to do to bring more love into our lives, is to make way for it, to let it flow through us and from us.

There is so much fear happening in the world right now and it can do with more love. What really matters in life is love. Simple. It makes us human and it makes life worth living. While it may not make the world go around, it sure makes this journey so much more beautiful. Love is the one of most basic emotions and so many of us crave more, so how do we cultivate more of it in our lives?

Because I am focused on sexuality coaching in Tantra at the moment, that is where I am going to begin. Everything is energy and in being aware and present with our partner in love making, we transform this powerful energy into love that flows from us. Yes, that might sound airy fairy, but it's true, When we change the ways we express ourselves sexually, our bodies become open, allowing sexual energy to flow from our sex centres to our hearts, and not only do we bring more love into our lives, we contribute more love to the world. The result of this is a deeper connection to ourselves and our partner/s and a happier more fulfilled life.

If we are in a relationship, we can look at author David Richo's, 5 A's to bring a deeper, more mindful love into it. Attention; noticing feeling and experience and hearing our partner. And thinking of the consequences of our words and actions and how they may affect them. Acceptance; appreciating their differences without judgements allows our partner to be themselves, to share more of their thoughts, feelings and fears with us, creating deeper intimacy. Appreciation; expressing gratitude for who they are & the things they do. Affection; kisses and cuddling are great ways of showing affection, but it also through presence, conversation and thoughtful action that we can show those we love that we are there for them. Allowing; this gives our partner the freedom to do things their way. Not in behaviours that hurt us, but we don't try to control and manipulate them to be how we want them to be or act in a way that we want them to act. Receiving & giving these five A's, lets us release past hurt, and we find ourselves in a healthy and more loving relationship.

And generally? There are many ways to bring more love into our lives. And us being happier, brings more love and joy into the lives around us and it just keeps rippling out.

1. Express Gratitude. When we are aware of all the good things in our life (yes there are many) and become thankful for them, we begin to find more love in our lives. If we keep saying 'thank you' throughout our day, we will see the difference of how we feel. And be appreciative and say thank you to those around us for what they give us.

2. Relish this moment. When we slow down and become present in every breath, we see love is everywhere (this is Tantra). We notice the beauty of the flowers, the way the morning dew rests on a blade of grass, that momentary connection with a stranger in the street. Being present opens us to infinite joy, happiness and love.

3. Helping others: Deepak Chopra wrote '' The more you give, the more you will receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. In fact, anything that is of value in life only multiples when it is given. So if we want joy, give joy to others. If love is what you seek, offer love''. Simple and true. But give without expectation. Give simply because you can.

4. Taking down the walls. We need to recognise the barriers we put up around us to receiving love. Some we are aware of, others not so much. We have all been hurt in the past and being in love takes us to a very vulnerable space. But love is love and our hearts will not break and loving and feeling every wonderful emotion that goes with that, be it ecstasy or pain, is so much better than a safe, cold heart. Step into the fear and trust your heart.

5. Find love in all situations. With all the anger that is in the world right now, it is easy to fall into the trap of finding fault with everything. Opening our hearts to expressing love towards ourselves and others, brings more love into our lives. when faced with a decision, choose the one that contains the most love. Let love be your guide, your compass.

Opening to love is an unfolding journey. Love is the most powerful force of earth and is the key to living an inspired life. Love inspires. Give love without condition. Love is who we really are. Listen to your heart and do all things with love.

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