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Mahamudra: Total orgasm with the universe

Tantra is expansion. Not of your waistline but in how the universe opens up to you, how your body and its energy opens and you know there is only love and we are we are all connected; a beautiful thread weaving through us all. And the biggest secret to it all? Relaxation. Life is a continually unfolding mystery, as are our relationships. When we relax into our relationships, everything changes. No goals, simply being present with each other; surrendering to the intimacy of knowing and being known. Love is not quantifiable by the amount of orgasms we have, but love and openness definitely changes the quality of them. When we relax with each other and when our hearts are fully open in trust, the natural pulsations and energy that is shared between you, continues to deepen your love, harmonising your connection and opens the flow of ecstatic bliss between yourselves and the world.

Keep being loving and available to one another, playing with each other's energy. No pretending, no trying to be something or experience something other than what is there. Your presence is the greatest gift. Go slowly, relax and enjoy the bouquet of flavours before you. Let your love be a meditation, a devotion. In that, there is no rush or goal. Relax into each other, not chasing after giving or reaching for an orgasm. This takes you into your mind and when you are with your partner, you only want to be in your heart and body. Experiencing the fullness of that. And if you are experiencing nothing, stay with that and still experience the nothingness.

Let your awareness come from the depths of you, let your whole body fall open as if it were a beautiful lotus flower with its petals reaching for the sun. Surrender. Let go. Let your sexual energy flow between heart and sex, melting and merging with each other; becoming one and when you experience this oneness, you understand what Mahamudra is. You experience a love so deep, so real, that your heart, your body, you, orgasm with the universe.

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