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What's stopping you?

Are you sleep walking through life? Simply existing? So many of us are stuck in a rut, not even enjoying a comfort zone; tied to our fear of change, of the unknown and our limiting self beliefs. The natural ups and downs of life can either bring about personal growth or build personal fears. Which of these wins, depends on how we view change. Do you see change as an exciting opportunity or the frightening unknown? No matter which way, change is simply something we cannot avoid. It is life, nature. Even earth has it's changes of season. If you hold onto a lot of fear in your life, chances are, you are not a fan of change and will attempt to create a life that is as predictable and controllable as possible. You will find ways to not face your fears, not to feel them. Being fearful of fear itself.

Fear can paralyse us, keep us living in desperate situations and stop us from living the life we dream of. What will help you to step into that fear? Because when we do, we realise we had made more of a story than what it was, and all of a sudden, so many possibilities fall at our feet. Yes, there are times we make the wrong choices, but then, hey ho, we have a new moment to make a different one. This beautiful life is for living and the most succulent parts of it are outside our comfort zone; out there dancing on the edges.

Life is not a 'you against it' scenario. The universe experiences this life through us and we need to trust ourselves more. When we live in fear, we create events around us that stimulate that fear. Just as when you throw a rock into the water, it creates ripples, life does the same with whatever we hold within us. It is a vicious circle; fear causes energy to block in the body and energy blockages cause anxiety which cause fear. Blocks mean energy cannot flow to our heart, and fear settles in. And everything you desire is on the other side of that fear.

There is little I am afraid of. I do not fear death. I do not fear being on my own, having no money etc. I do sheepishly admit to a fear of spiders though. Because I do not fear death, it is perhaps easier to make big changes in my life. How bad could it be if it doesn't work out as I hoped for? I am still going to be here. I am still going to be able to try something different. And I know I won't regret at least taking that step. I might seem impulsive to some & while yes, I am to some degree, it is more that I step fully into something. I trust myself and the choices I make and I go into them 100%.

Always, always keep your heart open, listen to it & take a step forward (there is a beautiful quote by Robert Brault 'An optimist is someone who figures that taking a step backward after a taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's a cha cha' )

Let yourself free from the shackles of fear. Stop living an 'if only' life and start dancing..

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