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This beautiful thing called Life

Destruction, carnage, subversion Torment, wounds, torture Resentment, rage, petulance Hurled at you from the depths of a sombre fog Thick, swirling, clinging to your heart Life Life kisses you Not flower soft, but hard With deep desire That craves for more She plays with us, teases us Folds us like origami A butterfly in a multitude of succulent colours Life Her lyrics hold the aroma of you the heady mixture of you and I And her warmth, her passion for you, for life is Ravishing, enchanting, seductive Intoxicating, arresting, breathtaking Devotion, tenderness, beautiful. Exhale the anger, the hurt, the betrayal Inhale this ravishing life Breathe in days of future's delight Erupt together on this journey This destination flooded with ecstasy

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